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Automatic Security Gates

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    Automatic gates built to your requirements, complete with access control solutions

    Hill Trident have been supplying and installing automatic security gate and automation systems for the past 20 years. During this time we have dealt with some of the most complex installations. What we have found is that every clients requirements vary. We endeavour to design systems that will suit your every need.

    If you are new to the systems that we can offer, and you are planning on having an automatic security gate or automated system, perhaps you would like to take a look at a few of the questions below to help design your system.

    Automatic Security Gate

    Why choose Security Gate Automation?

    • Does your site work 24-hour shifts? Is it secure at night?
    • Are company and employee vehicles safe around the clock?
    • Are visitors safe in areas where fork lifts and machinery are being used?
    • Is your site safe from industrial espionage or sabotage?
    • Are the general public safe? Can children wander on to site?
    • Is there a hygiene control? Is food production at risk of contamination?
    • Are there any combustibles on site? Is there a risk of arson?
    • Is there a risk of theft from site, cars or buildings?
    • Are insurance premiums increasing? Could they be reduced with improved security?

    Our site survey teams will be more than happy to help design a suitable system for you and perhaps this will be easier during a survey.

    Once we can establish what you require from your gate we can design a system to suit. If you require any further information, help or advice then please feel free to contact us on (01664) 562219.

  • Features


    Our Automated Security Gates are designed specifically for your needs so your feature set is up to you!

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