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Chain Link Fencing

  • Overview

    Chain Link offers a cost effective security solution for your property

    Perhaps the most familiar and traditional of fencing systems on the market, chain link fencing still remains popular and in wide use for a number of applications.

    A very cost effective solution to segregate larger areas of land particularly in low and medium security risk sites, chainlink is a very versatile solution.

    Chainlink Fencing

    Sizing Examples by Application

    Chain link can be procured in many different heights, for example:

    • Typically 1 to 1.2 metres in height for domestic property
    • Commercial applications up to 3 metres
    • 3.6 to 4 metres for tennis court fences and ball play applications

    The fence can be offered with matching gates and is generally offered with galvanised angle or RHS posts, we can provide concrete posts for those with this specific requirement. All posts can be provided with a cranked or extended straight top to support traditionally strands of barbed wire or coils of razor wire for greater security needs.

    The most popular height is 1.8 metres as a stand alone fence or topped with wire to bring the secure height to 2.1 metres.

    Chain link is sold in rolls of 12.5 or 25 metres (depending on grade and height) and can be procured and or installed for as little as half of the price of some more substantial security fencing systems.

    Chain Link Fencing comes in many Grades

    The basic chainlink fence system is a coated PVC bright steel wire with more substantial materials being offered galvanised core or galvanised only. Chain link fencing is offered most commonly in RAL 6005 Moss Green, RAL 9005 Black or as mentioned galvanised.

    Higher security heavier jumbo grades of chain link remain popular with large meterage sites such as airfields where more substantial systems would be excessive, not cost effective and may interfere with radar positions.

  • Features


    • Height from 1 to 4 meters depending on application
    • Sold in 12.5 or 25 meter rolls
    • Available coated in PVC or galvanised finishes
    • Heavy duty grades available
  • Gallery
  • Installation

    For low to medium risk areas, Hill Trident’s chain link fencing is your most cost-effective bet. Choose from a variety of extra features and designs.

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