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Fence Spikes

  • Overview

    Secure your existing fence or wall with our effective intruder deterrent system

    Need a solution to the intrusion of your commercial or private property?

    After a visual deterrent that simultaneously looks modern and professional?

    Hill Trident’s fence spikes are for you.

    Fence Spikes

    Our wide range of fence spikes are the perfect solution to prevent intruders from scaling your domestic or corporate property fencing.

    Not only are our fence spikes durable, cost-effective and available in any colour to blend in with their surroundings, we are also famed for our rapid installation meaning that you can have your visual deterrent erected in no time.

    Hill Trident’s spike systems are also available for installation on walls (Hill Trident Wall Spike), roofs and gates meaning that every part of your property is secure.

    From post spikes and anti-climb spikes to wall spikes, Hill Trident have you covered.

    All of our fence spikes can be applied to existing structures or cut to a specific length depending on your property protection requirement.

    So, if its fence spikes, post spikes, anti-climb spikes or wall spikes you need then then get in touch with Hill Trident.

  • Features

    Some of the benefits of Spike Systems by Hill Trident:

    • Aesthetically pleasing with ability to polyester powder coat
    • Simple to install
    • Follows stepped walls and contours
    • Constructed from toughened steel for robust protection
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