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Transport & Commercial Vehicle Solutions

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    Commercial vehicle and haulage industry solutions.

    Here at Hill Trident we have many years of specific experience working with our customers in the commercial vehicle and haulage industries.

    These clients report varying concerns to us. The main concerns remain the risk of fuel and parts thefts, both of which have a detrimental effect on our clients businesses.

    Our clients in this trade benefit from our wide range of security fencing, additional security products and automation services on offer. For further specific details on these products please review the specific options shown here in detail on our website.

    Transport and Commercial Solutions

    Robust Automation

    As well as being able to secure your yard with a physical fence system such as palisade or rigid mesh for example, we can also provide you with a bespoke automation package for our robust range of gates. Unlike many companies we can tailor a solution to your requirements, Hill Trident offers some of the largest gates available on the market, ideal for yards with difficult access and with large specific plant and equipment.

    Our access control equipment can be fitted to dual height readers allowing drivers of both HGV and conventional vehicles to be able to enter your site without the need for exiting their vehicle. We can also provide a solution to sites operating with both left and right hand drive vehicles.

    Access Control

    Access control can be provided to link with your payroll system allowing staff to monitor times and movements of all operators. Specific tags will allow you to clearly see which vehicles have entered and left. For further security you can lock out specific cards or departments allowing you greater control on the use of your site. As well as hard wired video and audio intercoms to fixed positions you can take advantage of our state of the art GSM intercom systems, these can be linked to a mobile telephone allowing you to open your gate from anywhere in the world with a valid mobile telephone signal. More details of these products are available on our automation and gates pages here on the website.

    State of the art Electric Fencing

    Some of our clients have also instructed us to provide our incredible induced pulse electric fencing system. Perfectly legal when installed by qualified experts this system is a mesh fence installed in addition to your new or existing fence system, it is controlled like an alarm system in zones, if someone attempts to enter your site without authorisation when the system is armed, this will be linked to your alarm system and trigger an activation (red care for example) this will notify your alarm company and or request the urgent attendance of the police.

    Furthermore any attempt to breach the system will result in an unpleasant but by no means dangerous shock. This product is perfectly safe for innocent passers by and animals and acting with a pulse will only cause a shock when being attempting to be climbed or held on to for a prolonged period of time. This product has proven popular with hauliers and commercial repair workshops, especially those in higher risk areas or carrying higher risk products (high value goods, precious metals, bonded premises etc.) Further information on this product is available here on our website.

    Commercial Vehicle Solutions

    We offer a one stop solution for our commercial vehicle clients, additional products include lift arm barriers, physical parking posts and anti-ram devices, window grilles, Armco barrier, warehouse barriers, anti climb spikes and razor wire. Further information is available on our website for all of these products and more.

    We would be pleased to send you images of solutions undertaken for other commercial clients and also, if you wish to invite you to meet one of our many satisfied clients in this trade and view the quality of our installations.

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