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Tracked Sliding GatesSecure Fencing and Gates for Storage Facilities

When considering storage sites the biggest focus is on security and anti-theft solutions. Having completed a vast amount of these projects we can very quickly establish which type of fencing or gate would best suit your site, which we’d then advise you on how to proceed.

As with other high security projects, one of the most effective solutions is to install gates and fencing which act as a visual deterrent. Options such as the sharp topped Palisade fencing and gates,or the Anti Climb spikes dramatically reduce the likelihood of security breaches as they send a very clear message to trespassers. Bollards and crash barriers are also popular options for robust security.

For sites that require a more forceful deterrent, such as military or prison sites, we also provide technical solutions such as the Vibration Detection System. These are fence disturbance systems that can detect movement associated with climbing, lifting or attempting to sever the fence links. This is installed via a cable that has a detection range of 3 meters surrounding it, allowing you to be able to pinpoint the disturbance source exactly.

Additionally and equally as effective is our Electric Fencing System. This advanced technology can be linked to your current alarm system or even your mobile phone which will alert you to any security breaches 24 hours a day.

Double Leaf Swing Gates

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