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Cantilever Sliding GateSecurity for Transport and Haulage

Security and anti-trespassing measures are one of the top priorities for the transport sector and we have a wide range of services to tackle these issues. Having worked on a number of these projects, particularly within the rail and aviation industries, we have a large selection of security fencing available to ensure that these safety protocols are met. The selection of security fencing that we provide are not only visually effective but are proven to repel security breaches.

Specific products that are most commonly adopted by these types of sites are those that have a strong visual message, such as the Anti Climb Spikes which can be installed separately on a vast array of pre-existing gates.

We also provide electric and automatic gates as well as the latest technology such as Trackless Bi Folding Speed gates, all of which are perfect for the high security sites common to the transport sector.

Cantilever Sliding Gate

Better still, we also offer a variety of barriers and access systems which can be linked up to your company’s payroll system, enabling you to monitor who is on and off site. We also provide audio and video intercom systems to further strengthen the security at access points and these can be linked up to you mobile phone giving you command from anywhere in the world.

Hill Trident recognises that every project and client needs a tailored approach and with our wealth of experience we are happy to go through the potential solutions of your site with you after a detailed survey.

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