Enjoying the outdoors throughout the year with indoor-style comfort: with the luxurious and durable aluminium verandas and high quality glass sliding doors by Deponti you can enjoy the outdoors 365 days a year. With a Deponti product, you’ll experience the best of all seasons at home.

Aluminium pergolas

If you choose an aluminium pergola from Deponti, you get class and quality. Aluminium is durable, colour-fast and low maintenance. We work with high quality aluminium for your luxury pergola.

Glass sliding doors

The Deponti glass sliding doors offers protection against all weather conditions without making compromises in terms of light or view. This means that you can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest during all seasons.

Louvered roof

With a louvered roof, you decide how much sun and light you like on your terrace. The roof can be opened and closed with a remote control, which means that you are also dry during bad weather. We sell two types of aluminum louvered roofs; One with tilting panels and one with panels that can be slide to the side.

Folding roofs

With a Deponti folding roof, your terrace comes alive. Whatever the weather, you can open or close the roof with a simple press of the remote control. This means that you decide how much sun comes in and that you can still sit outside even in bad weather.