Trimesh 358 Security Fencing

Our Trimesh 358 security fencing provides high security fencing. The fencing combines excellent visibility combined with anti climb and cut technology.

Trimesh 358 security fencing is the perfect security fencing solution for:

  • Prisons
  • High security sites
  • Business developments
  • HGV parks
  • Airports
  • Utility sites
  • Government buildings
  • Schools
  • Military installations

Trimesh 358 is designed for the most demanding applications and additional features such as our Hill Trident Fence Vibration detection system, Electric Fencing, Hill Trident Cacti or Razor Wire can be added to the installations to increase the security furthermore.

Available in heights 1.8, 2.0, 2.4, 2.7 & 3.0 metre high.

With our design and in house fabrication we can incorporate our Trimesh 358 into any of our gate systems, at any width. Please contact us for further information and pricing, or alternatively click the “get a quote section” fill out the form and one of our sales staff will be in touch.

Trimesh 358 features and specifications

• Welded at each and every single point this system creates an incredibly rigid panel

• Designed and built for your needs

• Can be combined with the Hill Trident fence vibration detection system, electric fencing, Hill Trident Cacti or Razor Wire

Mesh Size: 75mm x 12.5mm produced with 4.00mm wires.

Panels: Trimesh 358 is manufactured using 4mm wires. Welded at each and every single point this system creates an incredibly rigid panel.

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