Bosco pergola


ColoursTraffic white texturized (RAL9016) / Cream white (RAL9001) / Grey texturized (RAL7024) / Black (RAL9005)
GutterRound or victorian
PostsHalf-round or square
RoofingPolycarbonate (Opal / Clear / Ultra clear / Solar control)
Width(mm) (mm)4060/5060/6060/7060 or a multiple thereof
Depth (mm)2500/3000/3500/4000/6000

Our ‘’bestseller’’, choose your own look!

The Deponti Bosco pergola has a perfect finish and offers a wide variety of choices in design, such as a round or classic decorative gutter and a half-round or square posts. Because of this, the Bosco can be customized entirely based on your style, taste and preferences and make sure that you have a perfect match with your home and garden. The Deponti Bosco comes standard in a width of 4, 5, 6 and 7 meters and a depth of 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 meters. It is, of course, possible to have all dimensions customized by our Deponti dealers.

Because of our modular system, the possibilities with the Bosco are endless and suitable for every situation and every style. It’s available in the colours RAL9005, RAL9016, RAL7024 and RAL9001. For the polycarbonate roofing, you can choose from clear, ultra clear, opaque and solar control. Optionally, this veranda can be fitted with various accessories, such as a side gable, sidewall, glass sliding doors or LED lighting. Check our accessories for more information.

The best at home, because:

  • Our most popular and best-selling model due to a great price-quality ratio
  • Great freedom of choice in appearance and possibilities
  • This veranda can easily be interlinked due to which the Bosco is available in virtually any width.