Anti Climb Solutions

Rapidly deployed security product that can be fitted to most fencing, walls or gated systems

‘Trispike’ Anti Climb Spikes are Hill Trident’s unique anti-climb device that provides a robust visual deterrent to potential intruders. Here at Hill Trident, we can both supply and install our Anti Climb Spikes across the country.

Our Anti Climb Spikes are incredibly versatile and can be installed on everything from your standard gates and fencing to palisade and welded mesh fencing. They are also able to be used on roofs, walls, drainpipes and more… at any angle!

The Trispike Anti Climbing Spikes are a rare beast in that they are strong and intimidating yet simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and they perfectly blend into almost any environment.

Unlike conventional alternatives, our Anti Climb Spikes will never rust, twist or bend nor do they contain any entrapments or impaling features.

It is recommended anti climbing devices warning signs are displayed.


It is very important that these spikes are installed at height above at least 1.8 metres from ground level and that care and construction is given to their intended location, including their visibility and potential accessibility to either trespasser or innocent passer-by.

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