Five reasons to consider electric gates

Electric gates are becoming more popular than ever for residential as well as commercial properties. Fencing and gate specialists Hill Trident explain more about the benefits of installing electric gates.


The main reason people install gates is for safety and security. As well as keeping intruders out they also keep vulnerable people, such as children safe. Electric gates provide an enhanced level of security as only those with the correct codes, pass or remote can instruct them to open and close.


In today’s world, convenience is critical. Electric gates are extremely convenient and easy to use. With electrical gates you’ll no longer need to jump out of your car in the freezing weather to open and close your gates, it can all be done at the push of a button or even from your mobile phone

Can be tailored to your requirements

Hill Trident can design and manufacture gates that are bespoke to fully meet your needs. You may have an unlevel site or want something that you’ve been able to find elsewhere. Our team will carry out a free site survey and work with you to design an electric gate system that works for you and your property.


As well as being easy to use, electric gates also look good and can add the “wow” factor to your property. Our expert team can design bespoke gates that compliment the look of your property or stand out from the Neighbours with a one-off, totally unique gate design


Electric gates offer the ultimate in privacy for your property or business. Our gates can be made at different heights to meet your requirements, meaning you can really shut out the world if needed.

Hill Trident have over 50 years experience in all forms of gates and fencing. We can work with you to provide a full service from site survey, design, manufacture, installation and post-installation service. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.