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Automatic Cantilever Gates

  • Overview

    Our automated gates are some of the highest quality and most robust in the industry

    The cantilever gate system is so called because it has a balancing section that allows it to slide back and forth without the need for a physical track, ideal for heavy traffic movements, sites with an aesthetic demand for no track and those with a less than level opening or run back area.

    Automatic Cantilever Gate

  • Features

    Wide Variety of Materials

    These gates can be manufactured in any of the material styles available throughout our range shown here on the website, in security form these would be generally steel palisade, mesh or tubular/ RHS (Square) infilled, many manufacturers only offer a cantilever gate system with one type of infill, we at Hill Trident are far more flexible than that.

    These gates can be manufactured with a timber or decorative wrought iron infill for stylish new build homes, traditional period properties or commercial individually designed premises.

    All of our designs are made to order, one of our surveyors would be most pleased to visit you in order to discuss the wide number of bespoke options available.

    Cantilever gates are often used to remove the obstruction of a swing gate opening into a yard which would in turn affect parking or space in general, these gates will follow your front fence line and slide away discreetly, furthermore when automated they are quicker and more user friendly than other options available.


    Whilst we provide a large number of manually operated cantilever sliding gates, we also offer a fully automated service. Automation is provided using one of our state of the art 100 percent duty cycle motors.

    Access control options are vast and all systems will integrate and can be designed and installed to meet your exacting requirements. The most simple options would include encoded key pads or remote controls for entry, we can also provide hard wired intercoms allowing a number of base stations to communicate with the gate and with a simple push of a button the gate will open. This can be straightforward audio or we can provide video intercom systems for your further peace of mind.

    Advanced Intercom Systems

    The more advanced intercom system is the GSM intercom, this is an intercom unit with a mobile sim card, there is no hard wiring back to premises required as it is all taken care of at the gate, you can simply program the recipient number of your choice and the gate will dial the said number, this can be a mobile phone for example and when you receive the call you can press a button on your phone to open the gate, this can, f course be used anywhere in the world providing you have a mobile signal. This can also be provided to a fixed landline. This system is particularly popular on sites where there is no permanent operative stationed at a gate house/reception or very large sites where cabling could be costly and complex. The main use for this application is multi-user sites, shared office complexes or flats for example, we would fit a plaque on the gate pillar and the visitor would simply press the button to reach their desired recipient and the gate can be opened by them at their discretion.

    Exiting gates can be a free exit facility via push button or induction loop, for higher security demands we can provide a replication of access control measures for means of exit.

    As well as these methods of access we can provide proximity tags or cards and can integrate with door systems already in situe regardless of manufacturer.

    A further method of gate access is to integrate gate systems with personnel control measures, this can be in turn linked to payroll and security, an example would be that when an individual arrives at a gate, this can be PC linked to show that the operative is on site and if they leave at what point this happens, this system is also highly regarded for the monitoring of health and safety and fire drills ensuring that the appropriate officer knows where individuals are at all times.

    Gate Safety

    Here at Hill Trident we take the safety of automated gate systems very seriously. For many years simple safety measures have been included on gates, however a need has arisen to look at these measures and provide suitable upgrades. In January 2010 a number of mandatory safety measures to be applied to automated gates were introduced in the UK, some companies are still not adhering to these measures, at Hill Trident we have some of the most comprehensive safety devices available on the market.

    All gates are now fitted with safety edges, these are soft edges that when met by an obstruction the gate will stop or stop and return open, we also position additional sets of photocells to completely cover the gate opening area, emergency stop buttons and beacons/sounders.

    Once all of this is in place we then carry out a calibrated force test on all installations and provide a steel etched plate of conformity with a CE number to each installation. On handover you will receive a full document highlighting the safety measures provided to your gate system.

    As well as fitting these vital measures to all of our gate systems we will also carry out a survey of your existing gate and introduce the same measures regardless of who provided your gate systems.

    This information has been well received by insurers and health and safety consultants/ managers. If you are not currently looking for a new gate system but have an existing one please contact our office for an informal chat and to perhaps arrange an appointment with a no obligation quotation for your essential safety upgrades.

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