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HT Fence Vibration Detection

  • Overview

    Vibration detection technology

    The vibration detection, fence disturbance sensor consists of a specialised cable which, when mounted on a fence will detect frequency disturbance associated with sawing, cutting, climbing or lifting the fence.

    Trident Vibration Detection

    The advanced signal processing systems enable the system to pin point the location of any activation to within 3 metres anywhere along the cables length. Impack discrimination circuity automatically compensates for fence variations with each metre of fence equally senstive to intruders even if the fence is in variable condition, ensuring the complete perimetre fence remains sensite to intrusion whilst ignoring distributed noise.

    Where is Hill Trident Vibration Detection used?

    • Commercial & Industrial sites
    • Utilities sites
    • HGV Parks
    • Car & Caravan storage
    • Security storage depots
    • Military Sites
    • Prisons
    • Banks
  • Features

    What are the advantages of Hill Trident Vibration Detection?

    • Pinpoint location of intrusion no matter how big your site is
    • High noise discrimination circuitry (eliminate false alarm)
    • Calibration automatically compensates for fence variation
    • Quickly deployed to existing structure
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